Hair Services



A stylist may choose shears (scissors) or a razor to achieve a personalized look. A cut includes a consultation, a customized style to enhance features of the face, a shampoo with a relaxing scalp massage and a blow out.

  • Stylists range from $45-65

(if additional rime is required price may reach $75)



A stylist may choose shears (scissors), razor, or clippers to give a wider selection of looks to choose from. A cut includes consultation, optional shampoo with scalp massage and style.

  • Clipper cut ranges from $30-35
  • Shear cut range from $35-50



We carry multiple lines within Schwarzkopf and Redken, giving a broad spectrum of colors. From natural ammonia free to vibrant pastel colors, the options are limitless.

Application can include a single color to an array color, a shampoo with relaxing scalp massage and a blow out.

Color Pricing

  • Men’s Color Camo $55-65
  • Single Process (glaze is extra) $68-78
  • Mini Partial Foil $85-95
  • Partial Foil $110-125
  • Full Foil $140-170
  • Partial Balayage & Ombre $135-155
  • Balayage & Ombre $150-175
  • Single Process with Mini Partial Foil $125-150
  • Single Process with Partial Foil $140-160
  • Single Process with Full Foil $175-215

Combined Services

  • Men’s Color Camo & Cut $85-95
  • Single Process with Cut $105-125
  • Mini Partial Foil with Cut $130-145
  • Partial Foil with Cut $145-165
  • Full Foil with Cut $170-215
  • Single Process & Mini Partial Foil with Cut $155-165
  • Single Process & Partial Foil with Cut $175-205
  • Single Process & Full Foil with Cut $195-245

Add Ons

Treatment cost is additional to a cut or color service.

Color Shot (Toner)

Enhance color with frosty tones to warm golden tones with a frothy toner. $15-20

Hair Shot

Revitalize dry or damaged hair with an enriching botanical blend. $10-15

Intensive Repair Mask

Replenish distressed hair with a reparative mask $15


Keratin Straightening

A smoothing system designed to reduce frizz, reduce curl, revitalize, and rejuvenate hair.

  • $200-275